The Golf Rocket

Let me introduce you to the "Golf Rocket"! This vehicle started out as a standard EZ-Go Golf cart. Obviously, I've made a few improvements. The fiberglass was scrapped and then replaced with an aluminum cheeseplated body, making the rigging of camera positions almost unlimited. The suspension was beefed up and individually controlled air bags were added at all four corners for leveling capability. The standard electric motor was replaced with the largest electric motor available. A little bit of gear replacement in the rear end makes the cart capable of speeds up to 30 miles per hour! However, it's perfectly happy to inch along at slow speeds as well, making it the perfect tool for long, slow walk and talks, rather than laying really long dolly tracks.

The Golf Rocket comes in its own custom built trailer. There is a speed rail package, complete with an assortment of fittings (1 ½") for rigging camera mounts.

Also included are 4 non-marking tires for indoor use. The "Rocket" has fast become a favorite tool of productions in Atlanta and the southeast. Its list of credits include:

  • ATL - Feature film
  • One Missed Call - Feature Film
  • The Crazies - Feature Film
  • Zombieland -Feature Film
  • Five Killers - Feature Film
  • We Are Marshall - Feature Film
  • Past Life - TV Series
  • Vampire Dairies - TV Series
  • Life as We Know It - Feature Film
  • Blind Side - Feature Film
  • Hall Pass - Feature Film
  • And numerous commercials!!