As a production van driver over 30 years ago, and then as a key grip, I worked out of many poorly designed trucks. As any grip knows, your truck design can make the difference between a good working experience and a bad one. Your truck is not only your base of operations, it's your "Home away from Home". With that in mind, I used my many years of experience, along with suggestions from my crew, to build what we think is "The Perfect Truck". Starting with just a five-ton many years ago, we have built Gentlemen Grips into a full service Grip House with four trucks and a large shop. Three of the trucks are outfitted as working production trailers with two full set packages and can service any size production. The fourth truck is set up without permanent shelves so that it may be used for a variety of purposes such as rigging or set work. All trucks have large lift gates and belly boxes as well as office space in the front to give your best boy somewhere to work, (or hide).

The newest addition to the Gentlemen Grips Fleet has arrived!
This 1999 Peterbuilt has fresh paint, a fresh motor and is ready to go!

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We also offer a 1991 Volvo Tractor to pull the trailers. We will be adding another tractor to the stable soon.

Please enjoy the photo gallery of the trailers for a more detailed look.